Entertain Dogs During Quarantine

Your dog’s routine is as disrupted as your own. Your dog is accustomed to you going to work and to spending time in his crate or lounging around on the couch all day. Now that you’re home, he will want to be with you and might be underfoot. If you have to work remotely now and are expected to participate in customer phone calls or attend video conferencing calls, you will need to find a way to keep your pup entertained.

Tips to entertain your dogs during the #coronavirus quarantine

Walks. There is no reason you cannot get outdoors and get some fresh air and take your dog for a walk. Take your dog for a walk before you start work. Take her for a walk mid-morning then take her for another walk after you break for lunch. A mid-afternoon walk, followed by a long walk after your workday ends will keep your dog healthier and happier and you’ll be healthier, too!

It’s best to avoid dog parks and any other people out walking their dogs. Maintain the recommended six-foot distance in order to stay healthy.

In-house exercise. If the weather doesn’t cooperate or if you have no where you can walk your dog you will want to find ways to entertain him indoors. Consider getting some toys you can play fetch with and have your pup run back and forth several times a day.

Food puzzle toys. If you need your pup to be calm and quiet while you’re on the phone, use food puzzle toys. You can fill a Kong with food and freeze it — that will keep him entertained while he works to get the frozen food out. Buy a lick mat and spread it with peanut butter or even cottage cheese. You can spread the treat on the lick mat and freeze it to give your dog a more challenging way to get to the treat. There are also food puzzle toys that require your dog to nudge the toy around in order to make a treat fall out.

Teach a trick. Now is the time to teach your pup a trick. You can teach him to sit, stay and roll over. You could teach her how to go from one “target” to another. For example, teach your pup to go from the couch to his bed to a spot by your desk. It’s fun for him and a great way for the two of you to bond and have fun.

How can you and your pup have fun together while you’re quarantined? We would love to know and even see some photos! Share over on our GC Pet Style of Life Facebook page!

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