Pet Product Round-Up KCTV-5/Better

Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains front of mind for everyone especially pet parents who may be wondering, “can my dog or cat give me the disease?” On a recent KCTV-5 segment I answered that question.

Yes, a dog or cat MAY be a carrier of the virus (coronaviruses have been around for decades). The case of the dog who had the virus in Korea and who has been talked about as having “given his owner” coronavirus — is accurate — to a point. The dog did have the virus AND the owner was already ill and that caused the coronavirus to wreak havoc on the owner’s health.

Pet Product Round-Up

To protect yourself you will want to steer clear of other people’s dogs during this time of quarantine and #socialdistancing. You will also want to keep your pups and cats clean.

One of the products discussed on the KCTV-5 Better Kansas segment were products from Global Pet Expo and included:

Pure and Natural Pet products: Water-free, paraben and preservative-free shampoos for dogs and cats. These are an ideal way to wash your pet without having to struggle to get him into the bathtub.

Silvervine Sticks for cats from Meowijuana. These chews are “nature’s toothbrush” and help alleviate stress and anxiety when the cat chews and cleans their teeth, too.

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews. Chewing helps alleviate stress in our dogs. Give them a healthy, all natural No-Hide® chew or premium pet treats for your dogs and cats. Don’t go overboard on giving your pets treats — you don’t want them to get overweight! Treats, though will keep them entertained and help calm them down while you’re working from home.

Carry your pet in high style in A Pet With Paws bag. These lovely pet carriers let you bring your fur baby with you and in high style! The Madison bag featured looks like leather, but is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Let us know what type of pet products you’d like to see featured and why. Connect with us on Facebook at GC Pet Style of Life and watch my new puppy, Senna, and his adventures!

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