Power Of The Monthly Dog Squeeze

Do you pet your dog? Silly question, we know. If you’re like many pet parents, you pet your dog when you come home or when you’re relaxing together. You pet his head, stroke his ears and maybe rest your hand on his back.

When is the last time that you performed the “Monthly Squeeze”? It is a great way to bond with your dog, but the monthly squeeze is a way you can get to know every inch of your dog’s body and notice whether he has any lumps, bumps, sore spots or burrs that you may not have noticed on a superficial pat.

How To Perform The Monthly Squeeze

Take your dog to a comfortable place, lie her on her back and then do this:

  1. Stroke her entire muzzle with both of your hands
  2. Run your hands over her entire head
  3. Feel her ears from top to tip
  4. Run your hands down her face to her throat
  5. Stroke her chest
  6. Gently grasp her front legs and stroke from her haunches to the tips of her toes
  7. Prod your fingers between the pads of her feet to make sure there’s nothing stuck in there
  8. Run your hands down her chest and belly down to her groin, applying light pressure
  9. Grasp her tail and squeeze gently from her body up to the tip
  10. Gently roll her over, sit her up and stroke from her head and all the way down her back to her tail

Taking the time to become intimately acquainted with your dog’s body will help you notice when there is something wrong with him. You are your dog’s first line of defense for his health for a lifetime.

Have you ever performed the Monthly Squeeze? I’d love to know if your dog was relaxed and enjoyed it. Remember, any time you spend with your dog is a chance to strengthen the bond you share – and the Monthly Squeeze is one way to notice if your dog has any potential health issues!

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