Sharing Wisdom on Father’s Day

Dads are definitely top of mind on Father’s Day. We often think about dads of human children, but this is a day meant to celebrate all dads and all that fatherhood means— the dedication, the sacrifice and the underlying worry a dad constantly feels, all while he strives to share his best wisdom. Dads, we celebrate you! The wisdom you share and your ability to keep your composure, especially during times of stress, is a priceless gift. 

If you are a pet parent, do you ever think about your dog’s dad? Who he is or was, and how great of a dad he was or would have been if given the opportunity to spend more time with his puppies? Maybe he was lucky, like my dog Senna, and was able to influence his puppies from birth. How did he maintain his composure during times of stress? How does he share his joy? These are all important lessons from a parent that you learn to value over a lifetime, for humans and canines alike. 

Sharing wisdom on Father’s Day and beyond

Maybe you were lucky enough to meet your dog’s father. The fact is most dog dads never even see their puppies. Plus, puppies are vulnerable, especially given their lack of a strong immune system until they reach around twelve weeks of age. From the moment they are born, puppies are safely isolated for their first eight weeks, usually with their mom. So, it’s safe to say very few dog dads are lucky enough to be able to truly experience and help raise their baby puppies. 

This Father’s Day has special meaning for Senna. Senna became a dad in 2021 and this is his first official Dog Father’s Day. 

Normally, parents proudly pass out cigars or show off pictures on their cellphone. Not Senna. This dog dad passed out Earth Animal No-Hide® Chews to all his dog friends. Chewing relieved Senna’s new-daddy stress. The time he spent in his “cave” with a No-Hide definitely helped curb any anxiety when mom needed a break. 

Made with real, simple ingredients, No-Hides are delicious and digestible treats that keep dogs like Senna blissfully content. In our home, we love No-Hides because they’re veterinary formulated and made in the USA with just 6 natural ingredients—there’s no better way for Senna to melt away stress and extra energy than chomping on the very best chews! 

No-Hides offer relief for Senna’s anxiety as a new parent and help him relax on days reserved for him to enjoy the break he deserves. Especially on his first Father’s Day.    

He was so strong and protective yet so gentle with the puppies— and even with people that came to visit when the time was appropriate. Another reason he’s been so responsive and gentle is attributed to his daily diet of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Dog Food.

Crafted in small batches and gently air-dried Wisdom Dog Food is a ready-to-eat, one-of-a-kind food for dogs of all ages and life stages. It’s air-dried to maintain vital nutrients and natural flavors. You can see each healthy ingredient in this food and know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

Witnessing Senna’s ability to be a great dog dad and teach the puppies amazing tricks that he has mastered has been one of the greatest joys for me this Father’s Day. It’s so exciting to see how these puppies are already so far ahead of the game with his guidance and wisdom.

Senna and his babies

I truly believe that in all of my years of training and testing different foods with my dogs, his clean diet and exercise routine are the main reasons why Senna has been thriving through fatherhood. Prioritizing the simple, high-quality ingredients for him has been a necessity for him to be the best dad he could possibly be. Thank you to Earth Animal for making Senna’s First Dog Father’s Day one of the most special days of his life. 

Whether your pup is a parent, every dog deserves the highest quality pet products that are good for animals, people and the Earth. And that’s what Earth Animal is all about.

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