My 5 Favorite SuperZoo Products

When it comes to pet products, it can be confusing to know which one to choose and why. For many pet parents it comes down to word of mouth, advertising and online research.

Whether you’re looking for a way to better calm your pet, travel with your pet or simply enjoy spending time together, here are my most recent favorite pet products. I “discovered” these when I was at SuperZoo and am so excited to share them with you!

Earth Animal Zen Pen.  This is a full-spectrum, not a broad-spectrum product for your pet. I prefer a transdermal method of delivery of calming products to your pets. There is a product specifically for cats and one for dogs. During the holidays when you’re either leaving your pets home alone more often or if you have a houseful of strangers, your pet may be stressed out. The Zen Pen helps them chill out. With the Zen Pen, the CBD hemp oil provides accurate dosing and fast-acting relief for your pet. With transdermal application, the hemp oil bypasses the pet’s gastrointestinal tract, but the active compounds permeate skin and are delivered right into the pet’s bloodstream – this maximizes the overall effect.

My 5 Favorite SuperZoo Products

Pet parents on the go know how important it is to keep their pets hydrated, right? How many times have you grabbed the collapsible water bowl, filled it with water and your pet has pushed down on the side of the bowl collapsing it. You’re then faced with a wet dog and a messy car! I love the Loving Pets Bellaroma travel pet bowl. The bowls come in different sizes and colors, are PBA free, dishwasher safe and more importantly – they won’t collapse when your dog takes a drink. These bowls have legs that keep them upright.


For the cat who just wants a little treat now and then I love Meowijuana’s Crunchie Munchies – I mean my cats (and yours will) love them! They come in three different flavors: Chicken, tuna and salmon. As the name indicates, these treats are crunchy on the outside and have a creamy inner filling. Cats go “meow-wow” for them! The treats don’t include any corn or animal by-products and are made in the USA.

Another cat-centric favorite is Scrumptious From Scratch cat foods. One thing that sets this Canadian company apart is that it removes all fish and chicken from the bone by hand. I believe all cats need to, and deserve, a high protein, healthy-sourced diet. I also love a company that cares about not only how and where the food is sourced, but how it is processed before it gets to our cats. This is a gourmet cat food that is grain free, gluten free and features human grade meats.

Yummy Combs dog treats are ideal. Why? Because you know your dog is going to chew, you don’t know when and you don’t always know what he will chew. It’s not IF he will chew, it’s WHEN. Give him something to chew on that has protein (and I don’t mean your leather couch or shoes!) Yummy Combs are manufactured in the United States and is a treat that is 44% protein rich. When your dog chews Yummy Combs, she is getting a dental workout because the treat pushes back your dog’s gums and helps clean away bacteria. It’s not easy to brush and floss your dog’s teeth and Yummy Combs helps clean your dog’s chompers!

What are your favorite dog treats or dog products? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

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